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Timesheet Template


If you don't use some form of payroll software or other digital time management for your workforce, a timesheet template will be very useful for you. It is often easier for a small business with few employees to use a template.

All About Working From Home

  • Guide to Transition Employees to Work From Home

  • What Experts Say About Remote Working in 2021

Leave Entitlement in Malaysia

  • Annual Leave

  • Unpaid Leave

  • Paid Leave

  • Maternity Leave

  • Sick Leave

  • & Many More!

Complete Guide To Employee Attendance Policy


Some employees keep missing work or arriving late? HR professionals may conduct regular attendance trainings to keep employees up to date on absenteeism policy and procedure, as well as to motivate them to improve their attendance.

5 Latest Certification of Appreciation Templates


According to recent research from the Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc., almost 50% of employees feel underappreciated at work. Do you know employee appreciation can be fast and (almost) free? 

16 Calculations HR Must Know!


Still unsure about OT, incentive, absence rate calculation and many more?

FAQs on Expansion of HRDF Act 2001


The expansion is expected to increase the number of employees that are eligible for training under HRDF from the current 2.5 million in 2020 to 6.1 million from March 2021.

Letter of Recommendation Template


Employee Templates

Document Security.JPG
  • Employee Attendance Sheet

  • Employee Attendance Tracker Template

  • Employee Disciplinary Memo Excel Template

  • Employee Evaluation Form Template

  • Employee Resignation ScheduleTemplate

  • Employee Thank You Letter Excel Template

  • Employee Training Log

  • Employee Training Plan Template

  • Employee Work Schedule Template

  • Transfer Rejection Letter Excel Template

  • Promotion Rejection Letter Excel Template

  • Work Schedule Excel Template

.... and many more!

Leave Application Form Templates


Leave Application Form 1

Leave Application Form 2

Leave Application Form 3

Employee Retraining Checklist


Payroll Templates

  • Payroll template

  • Payroll Check Template

  • Salary Certificate Excel Template

  • Salary Increment Request Letter Excel Template

  • Salary Increment Request Letter Excel Template

  • Simple Salary Slip

  • Employee Over Time Calculator

  • Employee Provident Fund Calculator

.... and many more!

Payslip Templates

  • Simple Salary Slip Template

  • Corporate Salary Slip Template

  • Salary-Slip Template With Taxes

  • Salary-Slip Template Without Taxes

  • Salary Slip Template Without Bank Details

  • Salary Slip Template Without Bonus

  • Salary Slip Template With Yearly Bonus

  • Salary Slip Template With Provident Fund

  • Salary Slip Template with Leave Record

Employee Handbook Templates

  • Guideline + Tips

  • Employee Handbooks Templates

Other Templates

  • New Hire Checklist Template

  • Recruiting Plan Template

  • Transition Plan Template

  • Additional Facility Request Letter Excel Template

  • Candidate Screening Tracker Template

Customer Complaint Letter Response Templates


Your response should be:

  • Clear and consistent

  • Free of grammar, spelling and formatting errors

  • Objective

  • Professional

  • Apologetic and conciliatory

  • Compassionate, empathetic and respectful

  • Timely

Your response should not be:

  • Defensive

  • Confrontational

  • Dismissive

Your response should not disclose:

  • Personal information except in accordance with the appropriate privacy laws

  • Information regarding staff performance (i.e. the staff member who was short with them was fired)

Salary Reduction Letter Templates 

  • Salary Reduction Letter Template for individual employee

  • Salary Reduction Letter Template for mass employee

2022 HR Trends

  • Trends HR Must Know in 2021

All About Employees' Accommodation

  • MoHR Guide:

Employees' Min Standard of Housing, Accommodations & Amenities Act 1990

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