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3 Steps Communication

Don't allow bad communication to spoil your company!!!!


We all communicate with various kinds of people every day, but are you communicate in an effective way?  Do you know what is the cost of no communicate effectively?

How to set your KPI using SMART method?

Your employee only doing what you are asking? Then you must have not set your KPI properly!

7 Things You Must Include In An Offer Letter

How to write a proper job offer letter for your employee or how to determine whether the offer letter is valid or invalid.?


These 7 Things you must include in a valid Offer letter.

Your Employee Did One Of These? You Can Terminate Them Legally

As an HR or a manager, we often encounter these kind of employee. According to the law, if they do one of these, you can terminate them. But not without a proper way. Watch to know more!

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