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Hiring Matter


Job Interview Invitation Templates

  • Formal interview invitation email

  • Casual interview invitation email

  • Cold candidate interview invitation email

  • Phone screen interview invitation email

  • Video conferencing interview invitation email

  • In-person interview invitation email

  • Referred candidate interview invitation email

  • Past candidate interview invitation email

  • Second interview invitation email

  • Group interview invitation email


Part - Time Employment In Malaysia

Hiring part-timers now? If yes, make sure you are clear about the legal status of part-timers such as the legal terms and conditions.


Thank You for Applying Email

Thank you letter to job applicants with a free downloadable template.


A Complete Guide To Recruiting

  • Full Guide

  • Step by Step Process


Interview Confirmation
Email Template

  • Full Guide

  • FAQ

  • Orientation Programme Template


HR Guide:
Orientation Day for New Staff

  • Full Guide

  • FAQ

  • Orientation Programme Template


Employee Personal Details Update 2022


Job Offer Letter Template

20 Job Offer Letters Template FREE Download


Interview Questions

  • 100 Top Job Interview Sample Questions

  • 15 Common Leadership Interview Questions

  • Communication Skills Interview Questions

  • Situational Interview Questions

  • 10 Second Interview Questions

  • 11 Tested Emotional Intelligence Questions

  • The Most Common Interview Questions

  • 12 Common Interview Questions for Managers

  • 12 Stress Interview Questions

  • Top Behavioral Interview Questions

  • How to Interview Candidates Effectively

8 tips for second round interviews_940x4

The Second Round of a Job Interview

  • How to Conduct the Second Round of a Job Interview


Candidate Evaluation Form

  • Interview guide template

  • Interview agenda template

  • Interview evaluation form


The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Interns 

  • Interview Questions for Internship Candidates 

  • Internship Offer Letter

  • Interns Performance Evaluation Template 

  • Internship Completion 

  • Top 10 skills to Seek in Interns 

  • Benefits of Internship Program for your company 

  • Characteristics of an Ideal Intern 

  • Strategies for Hiring Best Interns 


Onboarding Forms & Templates

8 Essential Onboarding Steps for New Hires

  • New Hire Checklist

  • Employee Onboarding Checklist

  • Employee Information Sheet

  • Employee Emergency Information

  • New Hire Welcome Letter (Supervisor)

  • New Employee Welcome Letter Sample

  • New Employee Announcement Email


Appointment Letter

  • 2022 Appointment Letter Format

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