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Our Mission

Over the past 5 years since we started AJobThing, we received many inquiries from Employers about employee-related matters. We realize such information is scattered and not well maintained, making it tough for businesses to work effectively. Therefore, this library is a collaboration with our HR partners, with support from government ministries, to compile a Library of useful HR and Employer content.


How to enroll in the PENJANA

initiatives: salary subsidy,

hiring incentive, mobility allowance

and more.


How to register a new

company, new employees ,

apply for EPF deferment,

i-Lestari, and more.


How to register new employees ,

claim wage subsidy, register ERP,

and more.


Compilation of tax forms

(borang E).


How to apply for Covid 19

bank loan, overdraft, and more.


How to apply for SME grants,

Innovation grants,

export grants.


Sample and templates of offer letter,

part time contract, and more.


Sample warning letter,

dismissal letter, guidelines

when firing, and more.


Useful guidelines and how-to.

Document Security.JPG

Including employee

templates, payroll

templates, payslip templates,

employee handbook

templates and more.


Library Partner

We are constantly looking for partners that can help us to grow this library together. If you would like to contribute to our library viewed by thousands of Employers and HR, please join our Librarian team.

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